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Our Public Adjusting Services in Dorchester, MA


Robert L. McCormack Public Adjusters has been serving clients in Dorchester for many, many years. Bob grew up in the Neponsett neighborhood of Dorchester, so it holds a special place in our hearts.

Why Is Public Adjusting Necessary in Dorchester?

Dorchester suffers the same weather variations we all do here in New England. In 2015, Dorchester and the surrounding Boston neighborhoods of South Boston, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, and the South End, the city of Quincy the town of Milton, experienced record snowfall and all the resulting damage. In spring 2018, Dorchester was hit by three Nor’easters in quick succession. Trees fell, roof shingles blew off, and homes flooded.

We have been happy to guide our clients in Dorchester through the insurance claim process, whether it is weather-related or not, for over forty years.

A Little More About Dorchester

Founded in 1630 and annexed to Boston in 1870, Dorchester is one of Boston’s 23 neighborhoods. With about 93,000 residents, Dorchester covers about six square miles. Dorchester was originally home to the Neponset tribe of the Massachusett nation. Members of the tribe continue to live in Dorchester and the Neponsett neighborhood is named for them. Europeans arrived in Dorchester in 1626. The first town meeting in America was held in Dorchester on October 8, 1633. Dorchester is also home of the first elementary school in America, which was established in 1639. And the oldest house in the city of Boston, the James Blake House, is located in Dorchester. In the early part of the 20th century, immigrants from all over the world moved to Dorchester creating the need for the iconic triple-decker, thousands of which are still standing in Dorchester today.