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Our Public Adjusting Services in Braintree, MA

Robert L. McCormack Public Adjusters has been serving our neighbors in the town of Braintree for many, many years, and we hold it very close to our hearts. In fact, one of our public adjusters, Claire, calls Braintree home.

Why Is Public Adjusting Necessary in Braintree?

Braintree, as part of the Boston area, experiences the crazy fluctuations we all do here in New England. In 2015, Braintree and the surrounding towns of Quincy, Randolph, Holbrook, and Weymouth experienced record snowfall and all the resulting damage. In spring 2018, Braintree was hit by three Nor’easters in quick succession. Trees fell, roof shingles blew off, and homes flooded.

 We’ve seen it all in our forty-plus years of experience as public adjusters. We are happy to help our customers in Braintree receive all they are entitled to from their insurance companies while enjoying a smooth, worry-free claims process.

A Little More About Braintree

With about 35,000 residents, Braintree is only 12 miles south of Boston at the intersection of routes 128 and 24. The location makes it a great place to live. Incorporated in 1640, Braintree is the birthplace of presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, as well as statesman John Hancock. Located in Norfolk County on the south shore, Braintree embodies the beauty and character of this part of New England.

Need a Public Adjuster?

Robert L. McCormack Public Adjusters, Inc. has more than fifty years in the public insurance adjusting field and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We have adjusted every type of property claim there is: fire, storms, water, robbery, you name it. Licensed in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida, and Texas, we can handle your claim from start to finish. Contact us today via email or telephone 508-588-4243.